Scripture Union Uganda is a Christian Organization that nurtures children and youth holistically, helping people engage with God through the Bible so that they may follow Jesus Christ and be instrumental in transforming Africa
Global participation
We are part of the global Scripture Union family and have been leading the spiritual nurture of Uganda’s children, youth, and families for over 60 years
School Outreach
Over the years, Scripture Union has reached every corner of Uganda through our 9 Regional offices spread across Uganda. We carry out a number of activities, including School Outreaches.
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our vision

“Children and youth, transformed through following Jesus Christ to impact families and communities”

Our Mission Statement

Nurturing children and youth to know Jesus Christ and live by God’s Word.

Scripture Union Chorus

Members of the Scripture Union

Reading in the Book each day
Though their Languages are many

To one God alone they pray


As I read the Daily Message

Teach me what I ought to know,

Trust and love and serve my Savior

And more like Him daily grow


Prayer in my SU club made me strong

I kept on praying despite having challenges with school fees which were making me perform poorly. I found favor with the school leaders who allowed me to stay in school and do exams before making a payment.

An opportunity to get involved

When I saw the relationship of the leaders towards the children, and their discipleship and leadership during the programs, I begun to trust SU. While I cannot attend all the SU programs because of my work, I will continue to contribute financially to the work. That is why I decided to increase my contribution.

Gift of Salvation

I am so blessed to be apart of the Scripture Union family. I have seen my life change from glory to glory. All thanks to the family

I met my purpose

Volunteering with scripture union helped me find my purpose in life

News & Updates

Latest News & Upcoming Events

Other News

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“I received Salvation at a time when I was contemplating running to the streets and abandoning school all together …”

My name is DICKENS ZZIWA SSENYONJO, the 7th born of the 11 children born to my late Dad, Drake Roland Zziwa of Lungujja – Kampala. I am married to Norah Nakato Ssenyonjo with whom the LORD has blessed us with 5 children…..

About Scripture Union Uganda

Nurturing Children & Youth

Scripture Union Uganda is part of the global Scripture Union family and has been leading the spiritual nurture of Uganda’s children, youth and families for over 60 years

Over the years, Scripture Union has reached every corner of Uganda and become respected and accepted as a vital part of the education system.

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