Thank you for your interest in considering volunteering with Scripture Union Uganda. We work with a small number of staff and a big number of volunteers. We will be glad to speak with you regarding your particular ministry interest. Please contact us using our phone numbers based on your location, our numbers are here. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page A preliminary conversation will help us understand your area of interest so that we can match you with the best opportunity.

Scripture Union Uganda serves with volunteers in many ways. They help organize and run children and youth camps,conferences, rallies and assemblies. They also visit schools for evangelism and discipleship programs. With Scripture Union having a presence of Bible clubs in over 60% of Uganda’s secondary schools and 14% of Uganda’s primary schools, volunteers always have many opportunities to serve God in the schools.

Scripture Union volunteers are committed Christians who belong to a local church and are able to demonstrate and commit to keeping children safe from any kind of abuse.

We welcome Sunday school teachers, Youth workers, Professionals, vacists, grandparents/ retired,campus/university/college students.


  1. Application letter expressing interest
  2. Introduction & Recommendation letter from your Church leadership
  3. Personal testimony
  4. Others (Scripture Union Uganda may ask for more information where necessary) 

Types of Volunteers at Scripture Union Uganda

  1. Note writers: – Involved in writing and editing Bible reading materials
  2. Patrons: – Christian teachers in schools who oversee Scripture Union Bible clubs in their schools.
  3. Committees: – Teams of people in different parts of the country who oversee Scripture Union work, this includes the national committee, regional committees and area committees.
  4. Resource mobilizers
  5. Praying people
  6. Schools Volunteers: – individuals who visit schools to support and monitor them and conduct missions. These usually either opt to volunteer in the primary schools department or the secondary school department.
  7. Camp Volunteers: – Short term volunteers who are trained by Scripture Union to lead children and youth camps.