Scripture Union Uganda’s newest program, VOICE Africa, is especially designed to help churches confront the alarming moral decay in their communities by teaching weekly Biblical values classes (called Values Education Class) in the classrooms of near-by Primary and Secondary schools. Even in its early days, God has used the VEC program to bring about transformation in student’s lives, in their families, and in their communities.

Under the VOICE (Values Orientation In Classroom Education) program, churches:

  1. Secures permission to teach the weekly Values Education Classes from the Head Teacher of one or more Primary and/or Secondary Schools in their community (Scripture Union Uganda can assist.)
  2. Recruit volunteer VEC teachers from their church (Vacist, church workers, unemployed, retired, etc.)
  3. Purchase the needed VEC curriculum from Scripture Union Uganda (UShs 35,000)
  4. Arrange with Scripture Union Uganda for a 2-day training for the volunteer VEC teachers. The church covers all costs; SUU facilitators conduct the training for free, however a love gift to cover their transportation costs is appreciated.

Training for children

VEC Curriculum is available for 3 age levels:

  1. Lower Primary (LP 1, LP 2, LP 3)
  2. Upper Primary (UP 1, UP 2, UP 3)
  3. Secondary (S1, S2, S3)

Components of the VEC Curriculum (6 lessons):

Teachers Manual with a Music/Audio CD of correlated VEC songs, full-colour Visual Aid Book, learners‘ Pack which includes 50 copies of each of the 6 activity sheets, the correlated Bookmarks or Certificates of Participation, and 3 copies of the VEC Attendance Register. (Additional Learners’ Packs are available at UShs 12,000 each.)

VEC Modules available:

  1. Truth
  2. Honesty
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Modules featuring Purity, Self-Control, and Obedience (2017)

The cost of VEC Curriculum is UShs 35,000 per set. If you are interested in this program, contact us on +256 755 412205 or email us on

Scope & Sequence of Curriculum:

  1. LP1 Truth
  2. LP2 Honesty
  3. LP3 Forgiveness
  4. UP1 Truth
  5. UP2 Honesty
  6. UP3 Forgiveness
  7. S1 Truth
  8. S2 Honesty
  9. S3 Forgiveness

Honesty Visual Aid book