Below is a list of trainings offered by Scripture Union Uganda;

  1. Life skills Trainings
  2. Values Training (Values Orientation In Classroom Education curriculum)
  3. Spiritual Nurture Trainer of Trainers
  4. Faith Formation in Children
  5. Sunday School teachers trainings
  6. Scripture Union Leader’s Orientation
  7. 17 and 75 Stories
  8. God’s Big Story
  9. Peer Educators Training
  10. Choices and Limits
  11. Adventure Unlimited
  12. Positive Parenting
  13. Chaplains Training
  14. Spiritual Nurture-Children with Special Needs
  15. ISMT – In Step With the Master Teacher
  16. Camping Ministry Training

Contact Scripture Union Uganda by emailing us at or sending us a message on our Facebook Page to inquire about Scripture Union trainings, curriculum and facilitators.