Scripture Union works with schools to start and support Clubs. These are voluntary groups that meet regularly (at least once every week) to help children and youth explore God’s word and live out the Christian faith.

What is a Scripture Union club?

A Scripture Union Club is a voluntary group, which meets regularly within the school and is designed to help pupils and students to explore the Bible and live out the Christian faith. The leaders of the club are meant to be approved both by the school Head teacher under the guidance of the club patron and by Scripture Union.

Scripture Union Uganda’s vision is to see, “children and youth, following Jesus, filled with hope and transforming the families, which will in turn lead to national transformation.”

Each club is free to develop a programme relevant and appropriate for its own circumstances and for the children and young people who attend. However, Scripture Union often provides materials and resources to guide key components of a club program for example Bible study and Bible lessons, devotionals etc.

Starting A Group

If you are interested in starting a group or registering a group, please let us know! The regional coordinator will discuss with you on how this can happen. Click here to contact us or call us on +256 414 542991.

Support from Scripture Union

We are committed to supporting those who run Scripture Union groups in schools both prayerfully and practically.

Scripture Union staff and volunteers make it a priority to visit Scripture Union groups and to support groups through visits, training, advice and ideas. Get in touch with your regional coordinator to make inquiries or call us on +256 414 542991.

Assemblies, Rallies and Sunday Chapel Visits

Scripture Union staff members are available to take assemblies, Rallies and chapel visits in your region. This is possible when Scripture Union workers are contacted at least a month to the planned activity. In case Scripture Union workers are contacted on short notice, they will consider the program based on other engagements already planned for the period. To invite an Scripture Union worker/ team to your school, Click here to contact us or call us on +256 414 542991.

Resources available to Clubs

  1. Bible study outlines
  2. Christian films
  3. Stories of Hope-Bible Lesson Book
  4. Daily power and God & Me
  5. Guide for Scripture Union Leaders
  6. Pro-claimers (Audio Bibles)