Scripture Union Uganda staff conduct short term missions every year with the long term objective of strengthening Scripture Union work already being implemented by the Scripture Union regional office. This is done through giving Children, young people and teachers at the schools an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

During the missions, ministry in the schools is done through assemblies, the Jesus film, puppet shows, music, dance and drama presentations, question and answer sessions, family visits and sharing testimonies and life skills. The missions have over the years created more opportunities for visiting Primary and secondary schools with a focus of opening and establishing Scripture Union Clubs.

The Mission team shares a message of hope in Christ based on Scripture Union Uganda’s theme for a particular year, always a Bible verse. The team encourages the participants to develop a discipline of daily personal Bible reading and prayer and gives them an opportunity to respond to the message by making decisions for Christ.

Short Term mission teams: Scripture Union staff and volunteers often partner with short term missionaries from the around the world during missions. This is done after discussions on how to realize long term benefits in the mission being planned.