Membership Registration

“The task before us as Scripture Union Uganda is enormous. As you are all aware, more than 50% of the 35 million Ugandans are below the age of 18 years. All these are candidates of the Scripture Union ministry. Scripture Union work is more needed today than it has ever been if we are to have a nation that fears and loves God in future.”
Dr. Kedrace Turyagyenda (Mrs)
Chairperson National Committee

Annual Membership Fees

  1. School Clubs: UGSHs – 20,000
  2. Individual Adults: UGSHs – 20,000
  3. Couples: UGSHs – 40,000
  4. Students: UGSHs – 5,000
  5. Churches or Organizations: UGSHs – 500,000
  6. Life Membership: UGSHs – 1,000,000 (Onetime, individuals only)

Thank you for your interest in supporting Scripture Union Uganda. Your support will provide vital resources to Scripture Union Uganda and help us create meaningful impact across the country. Your belief in the transformative power of the gospel can make a difference to hundreds of thousands of Ugandan Youth and Children.