While many of Uganda’s young people value faith as a key-part of their lives, the country that has a majority Christian population still has few people who have regular Bible engagement. Scripture Union workers encounter children, young people and adults every year who are unable to afford a personal Bible. Other limiting factors in the schools include low literacy, children with special needs not being catered for and the absence of instruction materials.

Scripture Union Uganda is partnering with Hosanna to deliver God’s word to Uganda’s Children, youth and adults in various settings, through audio Bibles known as pro claimers. This program is known as Faith Comes By Hearing.

The Faith Comes By hearing program is being implemented in mainly schools with Scripture Union affiliated Bible clubs and fellowships. In these, pro-claimers have been given at no cost. Since schools offer education to children and young people, the program helps children and young people listen to God’s word and take steps from what they hear such as sharing with their group, making commitments, and demonstrating what they hear and learn. Through this, children and young people are regularly actively involved in their faith formation.