We believe that camping is an effective way of sharing with children, youth and adults the good news of Jesus Christ. In camps, there is always community which enables building of healthy relationships for effective faith formation.

Scripture Union has organised camps in Uganda for over 40 years, and encountered many children, youth and adults. 

With an increase in the number of camps by churches and other ministries in Uganda which are taking on the Scripture Union model, Scripture Union is building a campsite on 41 acres of prime property located off Entebbe road, 6kms from Kawuku trading Centre. The campsite is along the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake by area in Africa and largest tropical lake in the world. The campsite is a beautiful location out of the city, and is an ideal location for Christian groups.

Currently, the campsite has;

  1. Accommodation for 224 people
  2. Enough space to pitch tents
  3. A conference hall that accommodates up to 400 people
  4. A children’s play ground
  5. A soccer field
  6. A great view of the lake
  7. A serene praying environment

The facility is able to take on camping groups or groups doing one day activities. Scripture Union teams are available to assist in planning and running camps for groups that are thinking of running camps but have no idea on how to make a program and run it or how to manage a camp.

To inquire about costs of using the campsite, please contact the Scripture Union head office, email us at or call us on +256 414 542991 or +256 782 416644