Transforming Nations – Memorable Holiday experiences

Every school term holiday, Scripture Union Uganda organizes camps in the different regions. These camps are a great experience! The camps are usually hosted at boarding schools in the region or the Scripture Union campsite. If you are looking for your children and youth to have a great holiday, to learn more about God or to just have a peak spiritual experience, a Scripture Union camp has everything you need.

We have been organizing camps for children, youth and families for over 40 years. Each of our camp is unique, but they all share the Scripture Union core values. We aim to make our camps as affordable as possible to all, including those in Uganda’s rural settings, therefore, our camps are not for profit. Scripture Union invites those who are willing to support a child who cannot afford to attend a camp to contact us by email, or to call the Scripture Union head office on +256 414 542991.
All our camps are run by high quality volunteer teams, who have been trained and have committed to upholding Scripture Union Uganda’s child protection policy.

To know more about our camps this year, please contact the nearest Scripture Union office.