As a Scripture Union member, you stand with us in working towards our aims for Uganda’s children and youth.
Some of the benefits include receiving regular updates of what the ministry is doing through a newsletter known as Pronectars (lovers of God’s Word) and a ministry prayer guide.

You will also be invited every year to the Scripture Union Annual General Meeting, where key decisions about the ministry are made, including electing a national committee. Schools that have paid membership enable Scripture Union workers to make regular visits during a particular school term.

Annual Membership Fees

  1. School Clubs: UGSHs – 20,000
  2. Individual Adults: UGSHs – 20,000
  3. Couples: UGSHs – 40,000
  4. Students: UGSHs – 5,000
  5. Churches or Organizations: UGSHs – 500,000
  6. Life Membership: UGSHs – 1,000,000 (Onetime, individuals only)